With a CBCT scan, the orthodontist can visualize the precise location of critical anatomic structures in all three dimensions. CBCT imaging provides invaluable information in cases involving impacted cuspids, supernumerary evaluation, planning early treatment, tooth size and eruption sequencing predictions, third molar post orthodontic analysis, growth prediction, and ectopic eruption patterns.

In orthodontic cases, CBCT imaging provides highly accurate viewing of impacted supernumerary or abnormal teeth in relationship to other structures, such as roots, nasal fossa, and sinuses. This allows the oral surgeon to plan prior to a procedure and discuss the treatment strategy with the patient and his or her family. Specialized imaging software allows instant image acquisition of pan/ceph images and contains 200 tracing and analysis protocols to quickly and accurately trace cephalometric radiographs and create progress superimpositions.

Sure Smile

offers SureSmile (OraMetrix, Inc.), which combines digital 3D Imaging, computer-aided treatment planning and customized archwires to straighten teeth about 40 percent faster than traditional braces. SureSmile allows treatment to be completed with fewer office visits and fewer wire changes, which often means less overall discomfort. The SureSmile technique begins with mapping the path of each patient’s tooth movement before treatment begins using a video camera-like scanning device. The resulting information allows orthodontist to develop a treatment plan based on 3D computer model, replacing the traditional method of using a plaster model and two-dimensional x-rays.

Next, a computer-directed robot custom-creates each patient’s archwires out of a shape memory alloy(SMA) wires, which permanently retain each individual prescription, eliminating the need for orthodontists to bend them by hand. Because high temperatures are require to bend the SMA alloy, introduction of the SureSmile robotic process enabled customized SMA archwires for the first time.

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